1 If a student enrols under the Diploma delivery package (but starting from scratch), are they funded for the Certificate III level pre-requisite units?


2 Are the eleven (11) Certificate lll level pre-requisites funded under the Commonwealth TAFE Fee waiver initiative?


3 What fees may still be applicable?

4 What is the term of the initiative?

5 What DP do we use to enrol eligible students?

6 What fund source codes are to be used on DP’s created for the TAFE Fee Waiver enrolment forms?

7 How much VET Revenue General (VRG) can be used? Is it open slather on enrolment numbers?

8 Can a student access SSQ funding for the RPL component of their training then use Fee Free training for any gaps?

9 Interstate students are usually charged FFS – can they access the TAFE Fee Waiver for Childcare Qualifications arrangements in Queensland and what fund source code should be used?

10 What about students who are currently classified under the “hardship” clause and are eligible for a fee waiver?

11 What about students on an existing payment plan?

12 Are User Choice clients eligible under this initiative?

13 What fund source codes are for User Choice DP’s?


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